New plans, new chair

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After a few hectic days at work, I had a nice day off today. Finally the time to take a look around me and to think further about what I would like to change and adjust in our living room. Despite all the changes that take place regularly in our house, there is, apart from the refreshing of the ceiling and the walls, one important place that I would really want to change in the short term ... the dining area!

We've actually had the same elongated wooden table with 6 identical chairs for years now and today it seemed like a good time to choose a number of dining tables that are the favorites. On the site of store Flinders I found useful tips when making a choice and because of that I quickly found 4 different similar dining tables of beautiful Scandinavian design brands! 

To make a start on this change, I sold our dining room chairs a while ago and I started making a wish list of the chairs we would like to have. Because there is so much choice and we like different chairs (and also have 2) we decided to go for a diverse collection of black designer chairs. Two weeks ago we got one of the chairs that has been on my list for a long time, The Normann Copenhagen Form Armchair chair with steel frame (designed by Simon Legald) I was allowed to make a blog post about this chair from dutch interior store Flinders. See how special this bucket seat actually is and actually the pictures say enough ... it fits perfectly in our interior!



This post is made in collaboration with Flinders 

styling/photos/opinion by elvs