The home of Kristina Dam


Minimalist elegance in the home of designer Kristina Dam. We love the work of Kristina Dam and now we can get a glimpse of how she lives in the latest feature of Residence Magazine.  Designer Kristina Dam lives on the Copenhagen Riviera just 5 minutes from the sea and only 10 minutes from her studio.

Clean lines and a soft yet graphic look is found throughout the whole house where she is surrounded by her own designs and art and pieces from other Danish designers.


The kitchen wall is covered by a self-made shelf filled with inheritance and own design pieces.


Basically, Kristina is a graphic designer, but in 2012 her career took a new direction as she chose to start Kristina Dam Studio. Today she makes furniture, prints, illustrations and sculptures, all of which fall under the same minimalist artist and clearly Scandinavian design heritage.

Visit Kristina Dam here to see all of her work.

Photography: Andy Liffner | Styling: Thomas Lingsell