Tala lighting


Back in July I had a great meeting with Tala, a for me new brand in lighting. It is always such a pleasure to talk with the people behind a brand and discover brands with a shared passion for aesthetics and design.

Tala is a young British lighting brand and the designs are built to create a contemporary and inviting atmosphere. There are three distinct collections - Design, Feature and Classic, all offering a wide range of bulbs and fixtures to choose from. Focussing on pushing the design limits of the lightbulb and using new materials and techniques results in a collection with interesting shapes and materials used like brass, porcelain and sculptural forms inspired by patterns in nature.

I personally always have a love/hate thing with LED because of the white and cold atmosphere they can provide. But ofcourse the warmth of LED is something that has evolved during time and still gets better. The Tala lights produce a warm, instant light that perfectly imitates the warmth of the original Edison bulb.


One of my personal favorites from the Tala collection is the Porcelain range above. This collection is centred around four distinctive shapes.  We have squashed and moulded the matte porcelain glass is squashed and moulded to create a series of self-assured bulb designs. The Porcelain series is designed to be an antidote to an overly industrialised aesthetic.

Another one of my favorites is the Basalt collection with brass details that you can find here.

At home I really enjoy the Walnut Touch lamp that combines walnut with a slab of brass that acts as the touch-switch control. You can find it here on instagram in my home.

- Jantine -