Staycation with Ikea


Why leaving home when you can create an instant summer feel at home? Well, of course we love to travel, but this year I’m really looking forward to summer, especially since I kind of skipped summer last year. Being pregnant in summer made me wanna stay in all the time to avoid the heat and now I can’t wait to spend my days outdoor.

The new outdoor collection from IKEA, which will be available from the 1st of Februari, is a real must have in my ‘stay at home holiday’ garden. And what do you think of the sofa?


HAVSTEN, winner of the Red Dot Award, is a modular seating furniture to be used in the garden and the outdoor area in general and is available in many colours. It can be extended at discretion and arranged as a two-, three- or four-seater with or without armrest. It is not only modern, functional and practical but also sustainable and can be completely recycled. The sofa can be built up quickly by assembling the steel frame, covering it with the fabric and finally fixing it with a strap. Thick upholstery and cushions make Havsten a very comfortable piece of furniture.


Perfect for a lazy afternoon with your friends and family right? Combine it with some blankets and you can stay outside as long as you like.
Sounds like a perfect staycation and I can’t wait.. now all we have to do is wait till summer begins..