Node table series by Loof


Back in September we already gave you a glimpse behind the scenes during the shoot at my place for the new office tables from Loof. Now we want to show you the result of this shoot and more about this new table series. The Node table series marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for Loof: LOOF WORKING.

LOOF WORKING was thought through in the service of the active and mobile man and woman. Loof dove deeply into the very nature of working, exploring all these moments spent thinking, reading, writing, drawing and creating. The result is a functional work environment of beautiful materials, soft colors and refined detailing that is more akin to a home than an office.


Designer Joost van der Vecht drew the design of the Node Series, consisting of Node 900, Node 1200 and a matching bench. Joost chose in his design inviting shapes with rounded corners and round legs. The name Node refers to the unfolding of legs from under the leaf: just like branches sprout from a stem.

Node 900 and Node 1200 are suitable for a tabletop in various (custom) sizes. The tabletop can either be made out of solid oak or birch plywood finished with an innovative HPL in various colors or an oak veneer. The legs are made out of solid oak.

Would you like to experience and find out more about the new table series? Join Loof for drinks and bites to celebrate this new chapter in the story of Loof.

The Node table series will be unvealed on Thursday the 16th of November in the newly furnished office space of Not Only White in Amsterdam. Find more info about the event here.



All images by Loof | Stationary by Miscellaneous

- Jantine -