New work by Kristina Krogh


Since the beginning of this year Kristina Krogh has worked on a collection of papercuts, three dimensional folded artworks, paintings and drawings that have turned into limited edition series.

Part of the new collection is called “Sky Transformations”. This is a new series of limited works inspired by the color transformation of the sky and the landscape in one day. The series consists of these five works with the titles: ‘Dawn’, ‘Noon’, ‘Dusk’, ‘Midnight’ and ‘Night’.

Another part is the “Landscapes” series consisting of works inspired by Danish landscapes with waving cornfields seen from above. These cornfields create beautiful patterns that look like little paths seen from a long distance.

All of the new works can found here.


The new ‘Balance Candle Holder’ in solid hand polished stainless steel & brass will be available during 2018. Find more information about this object here.


All images: Copyright © 2017 Kristina Krogh