Modest by Loof


Last week Loof introduced another beautiful bed design to their collection. With Modest they share their own ideas on the future of living spaces, interpreting the bedroom as more than a space in which you drift off to sleep. Modest is designed to be conformable to the diverse scenarios of everyday life, leaving room for one’s own customs and style.

In collaboration with designer Justin Jorissen Loof has taken a dressed-down approach to the traditional bed by returning to its fundamental elements. Deciding what is essential in a bed and leaving unnecessary frivolities out, they came up with a bed whose name says it all: Modest.

Operating in the sleep world for quit some while now, Loof realized that the concept of the bed is built on a number of assumptions. With Modest they stripped the bed down to its bare essentials, only leaving those elements that fulfill a purpose.

With its sophisticated appearance yet straightforward construction, Modest responds to the lifestyle of a modern generation. Consisting of limited elements fitting together like a puzzle, the bed is designed to be taken from apartment to apartment. The wooden panels are mounted directly to the bearer, without the need for complicated connections.

You can have an exclusive first look at Modest during OBJECT Rotterdam 2018.  Meet designer Justin Jorissen on Friday the 9th, Saturday the 10th or Sunday the 11th of Februari talking about the ideas and challenges behind creating Modest.


Images by Loof