How to get up early


Time to write about some personal struggles and how I try to solve them.

At least trying, thinking about it and being aware of  how I want to do things differently. Along with some bedroom inspiration, don't you just love all the neutral colors? Really looking forward to Spring and to get things fresh and tidy in and round the house, let's start with our bedroom.



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First thing is that I want to get up early, or earlier. And I have to be honest, I don't mind getting up early but, I end up doing nothing with this extra time.

So I'll share some tips how to get up early. Some easy to follow, some a bit more difficult, but we can try right?

  • Plan an exciting breakfast to look forward to. Even better, prepare it the night before.
  • Sleep in total darkness. Drink a glass of water before going to bed, not too much, you'll end up visiting the toilet in the middle of the night, but water works relaxing.
  • Make sure your bedroom is tidy, choose a nice blanket to keep you warm. Tidy room, tidy mind, it will definitely work!
  • Schedule your 6 most important tasks for the next day, write them down.
  • Read a book, not online.
  • Put the alarm across the room - no snoozing aloud ( this is a real challenge for me! )
  • Most importantly.. turn of the phone. Even better: don't take it into your bedroom.

Next week I will share some tips on how to start your day. Because I think, when you get to start your day off right everything else will be a lot easier.

Enjoy your Monday  

- Vivian -


Inspired by the work of Anna Vital