Bo Arenander


We are fascinated by the work of Bo Arenander, artist and ceramicist. Odem Atelier has hand-picked some unique pieces from the artist’s private collection.

When a successful choreographer, artist and educated ceramicist fuses his fascination of the physical body with his love of creating, the result is spectacular. The movement of the human body, transferred directly into clay. Bo Arenander creates intuitively. Letting his hands and eyes guide the way while he works in coexistence with the material and lets balanced yet spontaneous shapes to grow.

The piece below is a very special piece, being the largest ever made by Bo Arenander.  Being the first of its series this modern sculpture represents an onset in contemporary art and lifts any setting with its unmistakable scale and being. With inspiration drawn from the negative forms found between brush strokes in his paintings paired with his experience as a ballet dancer and choreographer give the sculpture a unique presence made to be enjoyed from every angle.


A life long fascination for the human body in both movement and rest has intuitively been transferred into the shape of this piece above. Bo Arenander’s professional background as a ballet dancer and choreographer can be seen in the moving twist of the shape. A master of depicting the human body frozen in motion through a subtle but striking way gives his sculptures a movement that can be enjoyed from every angle.

Explore the raw and coarse surface, violently fired using a traditional raku technique. Buried in sawdust the piece bursts into flames, covering it with a thick layer of ash that gives it a deep, matte black color. Finished off with a coat of wax to make sure the ash does not leave marks and giving it a beautiful reflection of light.

All pieces are available at Odem Atelier.