Apartment Tibbaut


Apartment Tibbaut is created by Raúl Sánchez Architects based in Barcelona. The original space, located in an underground space with barely any outside lighting and with serious humidity conditions, is transformed into a bright and calm place with the original stone pillars giving it a monumental look. The palette of materials is reduced. Floors and walls are white to bounce and reflect every beam of light that manages to enter through the few openings. The dividing pine walls create a beautiful contrast with the white walls and highlight the items in the centre of the space.

With only 55 m2 there is an efficient use of the space with two living areas: a central, common, multipurpose space and smaller rooms like a bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, kitchen, study and storage room.

Although this apartment isn’t furnished yet we can imagine how this would like with some great furniture pieces and art.



Photography by Jose Hevia