Tangled for Spectrum Design


We recently rediscovered the brand Spectrum. They came with a new serie, the Tangled, designed by Dutch designer Carolina Wilcke. The serie consists of a cabinet and a coffee table, which we think will fit into many interiors because of the subtle and elegant feel as well as the solid and tough touch.  For Carolina, educated as goldsmith, architecture and art are an important source of inspiration. Tangled is inspired by the steel windows that were often used in industrial buildings in the past.

Spectrum is known for its distinctive design and its traditional craftsmanship. Since its foundation in 1941 Spectrum connects the work of leading Dutch designers from the 20th century with that of contemporary talent. In the Fifties Martin Visser developed Spectrum’s first contemporary collection. Nowadays many of his designs, plus the work of colleagues he introduced, are still part of the Spectrum collection.


More about the Tangled serie and Spectrum you can find here.