Musiclove - the stylish headphones of JBL


Besides everything that has to do with interior, I really love music. I really can't imagine that I would have to spend a day without music. Now that our boys are getting older, there's always someone listening to music in our house. You will not be surprised that the taste of music is quite varied and that besides the music,  the're  also a lot of  sounds by gaming for exemple.  How cozy it all seems, sometimes that mix of  music tastes and other sounds is not very pleasant, especially if you had planned to listen to your own music... time for headphones we thought!


After an extensive search we ended up with the JBL brand and when we were offered to try out  the JBL E65 Wireless Noise Canceling Over Ear headphones by dutch warehouse fonQ,  it seemed like a great idea, especially after I read at the product information that the Noise Canceling allows you to switch off the world! Just by touching one button you wont be distracted by annoying sounds around you! Ideal in a busy family like ours and it really works ...

When it finally was my turn to listen to music with the headphones, I decided to settle myself on the couch with a magazine and a nice cup of tea and spend a great afternoon by relaxing. At that point  I discovered that the ambient noise was really reduced to a minimum and the bluetooth connection with my phone worked perfectly. You can also easily switch between the music on your music player and an incoming call on your phone. The built-in microphone works perfectly and therefore the headphones are also easy to use when the boys go to play in groups through the internet!

What I liked very much in addition to the fantastic sound and stylish hip design are the ergonomic ear pads. This will not bother your ears, even during the extensive game session of the boys! The headphones are recharged within two hours and then you can listen for about 15 hours via bluetooth music ... Really ideal for music lovers like us!


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Opinion/styling/photos/text by elvs