Christmas shopping with Emily from Gray Label


This week we visited the Gray Label store in the Jordaan - Amsterdam, a cozy neighbourhood with the most wonderful stores and little companies. I met Emily, the founder of Gray Label, who is also very excited about the Jordaan, so today a little Jordaan guide, for this weekend, since their is a Christmas market through the entire hood. In need of some last minute presents? Get inspired!

Emily her favorites; Start with the best coffee at Koffiespot. Walk through the Elandsgracht and visit Tenue de Nimes where you’ll find beautiful clothing. Make a stop at Waldo for the best cakes made by Waldo himself, treat yourself and your feet at Baskets, where they have cool sneakers and limited editions. Stop for a refreshment at Natur or in case you already need some wine, visit Bar Parry. Don’t forget to stop at Wildschut for some extra ordinary antiques and ofcourse the Gray Label store… end your day at Balthazars keuken- Enjoy!