Kids chair in autumn colors


While November is around the corner and the days are getting shorter and colder,  I tend to create an extra cozy atmosphere at home. Candles, cushions, blankets, the whole package. And since our little girl is a real cuddle babe, we love to create cozy corners together, me in the big chair, she in her own chair, reading and playing by herself and after a while she comes to me and we sit and cuddle together. - Vivian


I have a serious crush on the byKlipklap kids chair, ( KK Kids Chair is recommended for kids in the age of 0-3 and the bigger version, KK Kids Chair XL, is recommended for 2-6 year old children. ) they come in the best autumn colors and are perfect to add to your kids room or to mix it into your living room.

by KlipKlap-Kids_Chairs_kids_furniture.jpg

The KK Kids Chair allows your children to sit ergonomically correct in a chair, tailored for their size - meaning that the chair gives the correct amount of support for back and legs. Besides functioning as a comfortable chair that can easily be moved around due to its light weight, it also works perfectly as walking support or as extra stairs to better reach the sofa or bed. The chairs even have a small pocket on the side for books or other treasures- love that as well!

You can shop both chairs in our online store.