Vivian's home renovation: adding color

viv (19)-0123.jpg

Its been a while since my last home renovation post. With a baby at home you just don’t do as much building and renovating as you would want to, but with Sjors turning 1 last month we decided to start again, by ( finally!) painting the window frames and the dining table.

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-20 om 11.15.36.png

I’m always in doubt when it comes to choosing colors, so together with the Flexa Visualizer App and the Flexa color tester, we decided to go for Royal Blue instead of black for the window frames. Which I’m very happy about: it’s a bit softer then black. Perfect for our bright dining area. Together with the new color of the year 2019: Spiced Honey which we used for our dining table, it became of more warm and soft space, perfect for fall. It blends beautifully with our outdoor plants which are turning more brown, orange and yellow this time of the year.

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Photography and styling by Elvera- April and May.

This post is written in collaboration with Flexa.