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Inspired by my new Platformtray by Muuto, a few weeks ago I've updated my bedroom (see here) and I still love the cosy and warm atmosphere but I was missing something... By now you all know that I really love plants and I thought it might be a good idea to add some fresh greens!

During the colder days when the heater is on all day, unfortunately the waste air can not leave very easy because all homes are so well insulated nowadays.

The kind offer of to try the beautiful greens of Ogreen came just at the right moment! With the 'Clean Machines' (the plants) these waste products absorb and give oxygen back.

For me personally plants are beautiful and refresh and brighten up any room. But plants can do far more than just that. Ogreen plants provide a healthier living environment where people feel better, are more creative and achieve better results. Just perfect because in my case my workspace is situated in our bedroom!


Because of our new family member, cat Sofie, I've choosen the "animal friendly" plantset... Sofie loves to investigate plants and this ensures that she wil not get sick from eating them!

My other favorite new accessories; The Tillandsia Xerographica plants are special in every way. They can be used as a hanging or table plant, because this airplant does not need a pot. He gets his food from the air himself. They are really special and just perfect if you are having difficulties to take care of plants in time !

The nice feeling started at the receiving because the plants have been delivered in beautiful stylish boxes (a perfect gift!) and the plant container has all the needed care information. It's so funny because every container indicates how much m2 of fresh air it will create in a space. The available biological plant fuel can help growing the plant as nature intended.

Accompanied by Sofie I've changed the (not waterproof) containers for some of my all time favourites... the Flowerpots by Hay... don't they fit just perfect?

Ogreen only works with growers who use the most organic methods of production possible.

"Just like the trees outside, plants operate as air-purifying machines. They convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and also filter the air, removing toxic substances. This has been proven by scientific research. Ogreen plants are scientifically tested for their air-purifying properties. The unique air-purifying properties of each plant have been measured and recorded."


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flowerpots - Hay | Platformtray Muuto | via fonQ

Afteroom chair - | print - Via Martine