switchback house by lee architects

Switchback House is a gorgeous minimalistic architecture project located in San Francisco, California, designed by Edmonds + Lee Architects. A home which they designed for their own family.

The designers, who have two children, needed (at least) three bedrooms and enough living space for their family to feel perfectly situated. Working as not only their own clients but also their own budget-sensitive developers, the architects were able to avoid the typical market-driven pressure of maximising square feet and instead focus on qualitative issues. As a result, they were able to work creatively - by flipping the plan to place the living room on the top floor and bedroom on the lower level - to bring to life the feeling of loft-style living that they wanted, without giving up the intimate neighbourhood feel of their immediate surroundings or the connection to San Francisco's vibrant streets.

Who doesn't want to live in this wonderful house?

Via Dezeen.com | Photography by Joe Fletcher