Riga School of Design and Art

Remember my previous posts about Riga? This time I would like to show you another great visit to the Riga School of Design and Art. Visiting spaces that you wouldn't have discovered otherwise are usually the pearls with the most amazing details and inspiration.

The school is located in a historic building called 'the Wooden house' build in 1820. It is the oldest wooden school building in Riga and reconstructed  by Zaigas Gailes birojs into this amazing place. The purpose of this the renovation project was to draw attention to preserving neglected wooden historical buildings and how to bring back the beauty of these buildings without losing its historical value and details. The old details and new elements and materials blend perfectly together and give the space an authentic feeling.

I loved wandering through the building and really wanted to take all the ceramics and objects with me. Wouldn't mind studying and working in this place daily, would you?

Images by April and May