vivian's kitchen renovation

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This summer it's time for a new home renovation project and this time it's our kitchen.

The kitchen will be in the middle of our home and will be a very important space, we love to cook and have dinner with friends and we really can't wait to have this part of our home finished. After thinking, talking and dreaming about it we finally made a decision on how it should look like. Since it's a space with 7 meters of glass windows, it will be a very bright and spacious room, therefor we decided to go for a black kitchen with a light wooden top. Since a lot of details will be black, we decided to go for a dark green tile behind our cooking area. Together with the oak top it will give it a warm touch.

Over the years I have been collecting a lot of products for our future kitchen and now we will finally give it their right spot:)

Find my kitchen wish list on Pinterest and during the following weeks I will share our renovation on my Instagram account.

xoxo Vivian