Nærvær by norm architects

Danish practice Norm Architects created a new warm and tactile interior for a restaurant in Copenhagen, named Nærvær. And we absolutely are in love with this place.

Nærvær is formed by a casual atmosphere with small spaces and niches for guests to enjoy. The building has a view towards a nearby canal and the old city beyond. The shell was fitted out with industrial aesthetics with rough concrete surfaces and exposed ventilation suspended from the ceiling. All of this gives a very industrial character. The delicate yet industrial light fittings (which you can see in the last two images) were designed by Norm Architects, and they fit perfectly in this area.

Norm architects:

''With an interior design defined by an array of stone, wood and metal, the materials are all naturel and have deliberately been altered in order to create dark and industrial surfaces that match the mood of the place. This conscious focus on tactility brings a warm, material richness to the interior that naturally compliments the raw concrete walls and industrial framework of the space.''

So planning on going on holiday to Denmark this summer? Visit this beautiful place!

Via Dezeen.com