As you probably noticed through our instagram stories I have visited Riga, among some other Dutch journalists, photographers and bloggers,  for a design tour a few weeks ago. Riga is the capital of Latvia and before hand I had really now idea what to expect from this city and country. From the first moment I arrived I was amazed by this beautiful city with lots of nature, amazing historical buildings, wooden architecture, the history of Jugendstill and Art Nouveau, great food and nice people. An undiscovered pearl that is great to visit for a next (city trip). As it is also close to the beach it is really a place to keep in mind. The next couple of weeks we will show you our discoveries from Latvia and hope to inspire you with their designs as they pay real value to craftsmanship and tradition in a modern way.

Mammalampa was the first company we visited. Mammalampa specializes in creating lamps and the name  "Mamma" (mom)  brings together both their philosophy - back to the roots, the real, non-produced, and the fact that feminine approach dominates in the lamp design. The background consists of living in deep harmony with nature.

The lamps are created from natural materials and with minimal technological means, primarily through manual labour, primitive material processing or even untreated materials. My favorite piece from the collection was "the queen lamp" where the outside is made from corroding steel, while the inside of the lamp is covered with gold. The combination of the materials creates an inspiring contrast. This lamp is available as a floor lamp and pendant in different sizes.

Visit Mammalampa for more designs and information.

Next week more about this trip with a great restaurant to show you.

- Jantine -