COD restaurant

Last week I already told you about my trip to Riga, read more about it here. This time I would love to show you this great restaurant we went to, the COD Robata Grill Bar.

COD Robata Grill Bar is the first restaurant in Latvia that offers authentic Japanese cuisine in an elegant and contemporary concept. The idea of purity is promoted throughout the restaurant, from the menu to the décor. The interior is a sophisticated combination of simplicity, clean lines and subtle details.  The interior design was a collaboration between the restaurant’s founder – Murads Jusko who is also the main COD creative force, and local artists as Verners Kalacis of Vline Furniture who designed and made all the oak furniture for COD, the kitchen & bar counters as well as some decor and tableware elements. Verners also used Japanese char wood siding technique known as 'Shou sugi ban' on the outdoor terrace and pieces of decor to ensure maximum authenticity.  Kaiva Narbute,a calligraphy, hand lettering and origami specialist made the flock of white origami storks that ‘fly' above the staircase leading to the bar.

We were treated on some Japanese-inspired cocktails which looked and tasted amazing. Everything from the food to the tableware was perfectly chosen, really delicious and the perfect setting to enjoy our first evening in Latvia.

Images by April and May