Curtain decisions

A new update about my home, and this time it's about some new curtains. Curtains or no curtains? A question to myself that remained unanswered for a long time.

When we just moved into our home I decided I wanted to leave the large windows open without any curtains to not hide them. But because of the large living area the acoustics are not perfect so I finally decided to look for curtains for the living room.

The material was not difficult because I knew from the start that this would be linen. But what colour to choose? Dark, light, grey or a more natural color? Following Evert Groot for a while I visited him and went back home with a few different color samples to choose from. Evert Groot has one of the best fabrics to work with so arriving in fabric heaven it made it only more difficult to choose :)

But I tried some different colors at home to see which one was the best match for our living room. First I was convinced it should be a grey color but eventually I decided the more natural beige color was a better match. The grey tones came out a bit boring with our grey concrete floor and this color makes it more interesting and matches perfectly with our furniture and floor. It's the perfect color for our living room and I cannot wait to see what it looks like when they are finished.

xo Jantine

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