californian bungalow

In the mood for something fresh, luminous and summer inspired? This clear simplicity Californian Bungalow is the perfect inspiration for this time of the year.

''Allen Key House'' is a renovation project by architect Prineas, to the rear of a 1930s California Bungalow, located in Sidney's leafy North Shore. The brief was tot reconfigure the existing house, creating generous kitchen and living spaces with a connection to the garden. The architect had faced the challenge of bringing more light and better ventilation into the existing structure and had prescribed it by opening the premises with simple, minimalistic shapes and increasing the naturel connection between the main building and the surrounding gardens. A generous outdoor deck created the extension of the internal spaces. The interior is modern and with elegant, minimalistic expression- white surfaces dominate, freshened up by natural timber accents and black details.

Just a perfect fresh, light Californian bungalow. We are absolutely loving it!

Via Decoholic | Photography : Chris Warnes