green gallery issue 6

A new issue of the Green Gallery is out now, available online with lots of green inspiration.

The Green Gallery  is an online magazine which presents flowers and plants as the source of inspiration for lovers of art, fashion, food, interiors & design.

In this issue you can find an interview with Haarkon, one of my favorites to follow on Instagram, because of the beautiful green inspiration, so when reading this interview I really got enthusiastic.

Haarkon aka Magnus and India are plantlovers who take photos for a living - actually India takes most of the photos (some of her clients include T Magazine, Kinfolk and The Telegraph). Magnus keeps everything organised. Their marvellous Greenhouse Tour of the World and Haarkon's blog are published in Remodelista, The Planthunter, Design Hunter, Nine Network, in Town & Country Magazine and Stylist Magazine.

So, go check out the full interview in the latest Green Gallery issue and get inspired!