cointec office by dot partners

Cointec Office is a minimal office space located in Alicante, Spain, designed by Dot Partners. It's a minimalistic, serene space, where you can work in peace.

The office was designed to emphasise the spaciousness. The project for the new Cointec office is about the renovation of a commercial property across from the Parque Severo Ochoa. The space was presented raw, with only a metal structure built to support the mezzanine.

In the words of Txema García Baluster, architect at Dot Partners:

''Our proposal is to offer honest works of architecture, taking austerity and simplicity as core values. The Cointec offices have been created from that perspective, so that the expressiveness of the space is result of the proportions, materials and light''

Looking at these images, we immediately like to clean out our office and desk for a bit more minimalism!

Via EstLiving