BILLY cabinet for IKEA

A couple days ago we posted about the BILLY cabinet we turned into a cute dollhouse. Our latest collaboration with IKEA is all about the BILLY cabinet, and in this blog we are going to show you two different styled BILLY cabinets.

The first is a kitchen cabinet. If you have enough kitchen space, a cabinet with windows would be perfect in it! Not only the storeroom will be a great use, it will also give your tableware a worthy, visible place to stand. We show you that you can easily style a gorgeous cabinet with great products and a great wardrobe. As you can see we choose a different color of doors to make your cabinet unique. You can paint them yourself, but you can also order a different set of doors at IKEA. The soothing colors and shapes in this case provide a nice unit. This way your cabinet isn't disorganised or messy.

The second cabinet is an arty eye-catcher, beautiful for the living room or for another great place in your home. There are many kinds of BILLY-cabinets… so let’s use that! At first, we created one cabinet by combining pieces of different elements. As you can see, they have different sizes. We deliberately choose to put the shelves in different heights to create a playful effect. In this cabinet  you can also find some do-it-yourselfs, like the decoration balls, we painted them in different colors, so they fit in the color palette of the cabinet. Further you can choose exactly which products you want to show in every box, this is how you keep it light and you can change it whenever you want.

You can find the article on IKEAstudio. Styling and photography // April and May