TOAST women's pre collection

Women's Pre Collection from TOAST consists gauzy wools, natural hues, long layers, silk khaki end tweeds. Ease, comfort and utility for the new season.

There clothing is making of cotton khadi. Khadi is clothing that is hand woven from hand spun yarn - generally cotton, silk or wool.

'' At TOAST we love to use khadi. We love it for its supple hand feel, for the slight irregularities of the yarn and weave that speak the making of human hand. A mill made fabric might be of the very best quality but the exact, mechanised reproduction of every stitch can leave it a little flat and soulless. By contrast, khadi has life to it. Think of a circle drawn on a computer compared to one drawn by hand, pencil on paper. Khadi is the latter.''

More new collections, you will find on the TOAST website - also a great place to get inspired!