green oase in vietnam

thong-house-nishizawaarchitects-1 thong-house-nishizawaarchitects-2 thong-house-nishizawaarchitects-3 thong-house-nishizawaarchitects-4 thong-house-nishizawaarchitects-5 thong-house-nishizawaarchitects-6 An oase of green in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The ultimate homebase of the young families. A big building, divided in different, geometric cubes became an architectural home that offers an interpretation of a fresh new lifestyle. The whole idea was getting rid of the normale intentions of living in a big apartment and give the area a connection with natural elements and a spiritual environment.

The architects of Nishizawaarchitects chose for big, open spaces divided by tall windows and louvre doors which are turnable for creating shadows and open lines. Lots of plants and wooden materials gives the space an open and serene feeling. A perfect, natural escape in the middle of a big city.