granny's finest

grannys-finest-1 grannys-finest-2 grannys-finest-4 grannys-finest-5 grannys-finest-3 Granny's Finest is an initiative to prevent loneliness among the elderly. By organizing a weekly craft club where they can practice their hobby, together with a cup of coffee and something sweet, they have a chance to meet new people and create new friendships.

In collaboration with the 'granny's' young designers create patterns for fashion and interior accessories. The designers know all about the latest trends- so designed by the new, handmade by the best. The granny's have lots of experience and the arts and craft is something they grew up with. They create the most beautiful designs with top quality products. As a buyer of a Granny's Finest product you're not only wearing a warm and comfortable item, you also give the granny's a change to meet up every week. Which means less loneliness. Every product contains a note of the maker, so you also have a chance to get in touch with the granny that made your scarf or cap.

We love this initiative, which makes it a perfect Christmas gift.