architects eat for industrial loft melbourne

architects-eat-for-industrial-loft-melbourne-1 architects-eat-for-industrial-loft-melbourne-2 architects-eat-for-industrial-loft-melbourne-3 architects-eat-for-industrial-loft-melbourne-4 architects-eat-for-industrial-loft-melbourne-5 architects-eat-for-industrial-loft-melbourne-6 An award-winning renovation in an old chocolate factory, Architects EAT are the people behind this amazing interior design project.

The industrial space is turned into a comfortable, warm and contemporary home for the family who lives there. The old factory contains a huge amount of space, with heigh ceilings and an enormous height of the pitched roof. Architects EAT has turned this into different, balanced areas; living, cooking, sleeping and relaxing has all got different places. The chosen materials gives the space more the 'coming home' feeling which made the architects won the renovation.

Images by Derek Swalwell