the everlane office

the-everlane-office-1 the-everlane-office-2 the-everlane-office-3 the-everlane-office-4 the-everlane-office-5 Even before they had a real office, Everlane had one big wish. Their new office should have no conference rooms and no cubicles. A few years later, their dream came true; a beautiful, spacious office in the middle of San Fransisco.

A strong concept from about 8,000 square feet, with a lot of whites and greens makes the different. They knocked walls down, built a bridge in the huge space and added furniture from brands like Hem, Muuto and Ohio Designs. It took them a little work, but now they do have an inspiring working space with enough place for a lot of employees.

Maybe one day, we will be working from a beautiful space like this, so let's keep on dreaming ;)