kickstarter campaign spruitje

kickstarter-campaign- spruitje-1 kickstarter-campaign- spruitje-2 kickstarter-campaign- spruitje-3 Essenza Home kickstarter-campaign- spruitje-5 kickstarter-campaign- spruitje-6 Have you already heard about 'Spruitje'? A beautiful concept with light and living ecosystems, all self-sufficient. A perfect balanced combination of greens in a big light. Well, next to this, they also designed a few others like postcards which you could plant in your garden or the wearable plant in a little bottle.

Right now Jonael van der Sloot, designer and owner, wants to get the self-sufficient system to the next level. For this reason he started a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. Over here you can read about his vision, his plans and support him with his new addition to this collection by buying one of the beautiful, botanical designs!

Are you in?