house for mother x hem

swedish-getaway-hem-1 swedish-getaway-hem-2 swedish-getaway-hem-3 swedish-getaway-hem-4 swedish-getaway-hem-5 swedish-getaway-hem-6 Swedish-based Architects Björn Förstberg and Mikael Ling have completed this stunning "House for Mother". Furnished with a selection of Hem furniture and accents from their growing accessories collection.

"House for mother" is the first home completed by Förstberg Ling. The house is conceived as a dwelling and studio for Björn's mother Maria, librarian and an enthusiastic weaver.

The raw corrugated aluminium of the house creates a variable play with light and shadow during the day. The wooden beams and trusses along with the walls lined with plywood give warmth to the interior. The concrete floor is a durable and beautiful surface for everyday use. The division of the house into two volumes, slightly shifted from each other, emphasizes how narrow the plot is. While standing in the open for now, the future urban context will eventually not expose much more than the gables to the neighborhood.

More images will be found on the Förstberg Ling website. Photos by Markus Linderoth