elizabeth suzann

elizabethsuzann-aprilandmay-01elizabethsuzannelizabethsuzann-aprilandmay-02elizabethsuzann-aprilanmday-03elizabethsuzann-aprilandmay-04 Clothing is so much more than a covering for your body. It’s a way to communicate, to speak without words about who you are, to arm yourself, to create an identity, to describe yourself as the person you hope to be. But, clothing is also a covering for your body. Clothing needs to function, it needs to be comfortable, it needs to not only fit into your life, but make your life easier, so you can do more important things than worry about what you’re wearing. The design philosophy of Elizabeth Suzann aims to help you build a wardrobe that serves both the need to express, protect and understand yourself through clothing that, and also the need to get dressed easily and move through your day with confidence.

Let's keep this in mind when looking for new pieces and always look at what makes you comfortable and really fits your style without compromising in comfortability and beauty. Always remind yourself that you need to feel confident in what you wear and that it is all about you and nobody else.

The signature collection is the core of the collection. It’s the year-round grouping of classic staples. They are foundational, seasonless and versatile. Fabrics are selected thoughtfully so they are suitable for wear year-round. The ability to layer is essential - letting a garment live many lives, as a dress, a tunic, a vest.

Each year we are drawn to the beautiful photography and pieces from Elizabeth Suzann and we can't wait to see the pieces for this winter.