typeO petrified wood

TypeO-PetrifiedWood-01 TypeO-PetrifiedWood-02 TypeO-PetrifiedWood-03 TypeO-PetrifiedWood-04 TypeO-PetrifiedWood-05More objects and art pieces: today we show you some new pieces from Sweden-based design retailer TypeO. A collection of accessories, stools, side tables, bookends and spherical paperweights, made in petrified wood.

Petrified wood, a spectacular mineral and stone material, occurs through a process in which a tree trunk absorbs naturally occurring minerals found in the Indonesian soil. When this process of permineralisation, which takes up to 20 million years, is completed, a uniquely marbled raw material emerges, exposing the tree trunk's annual growth rings and grain. The harvesting of petrified wood, which Indonesian farmers often come across while cultivating the land, is a sustainable practice that grants them an extra source of income. The hand-selected pieces of petrified wood are sanded and polished to retain a glossy surface. Each piece is unique.

The items are available on TypeO.se