muuto fall collection '16

Muuto shoot Muuto shoot Muuto shoot Muuto shoot Muuto shootWe love to keep you updated with the fall news from Muuto. Let's start with their OUTLINE sofa. An elegant lounge sofa, contrasting its spacious volume, also being delicate and sophisticated. Designers ANDERSSEN & VOLL about their beautiful new piece:

“With OUTLINE we aimed to create a visually light and elegant sofa with lots of comfort. We wanted to translate some of the elemental and poetic qualities we find inspiring in modernistic architecture. The way some elements juxtapose in the sofa’s design are borrowed from the way houses are structured. The different planes overlap and give lightness to the sofa’s expression. This is why OUTLINE has a certain calm serenity - it offers great comfort in a generous seat, but has a slender appearance, and a strong architectural presence.”

Cecilie Manz designed a new sheving system for Muuto, called COMPILE. A contemporary variation of the classic shelving system and is also suitable as a room divider. Designer CECILIE MANZ about the new system:

“Storage is important because it is so universal: everybody needs good solutions. The inspiration for the assignment was indeed the everyday storage situation. The design, with its logical construction, parallels to a certain degree an unpretentious Scandinavian lifestyle - one shelf represents one building unit while the length of the tube defines the shelf height. In this simple way one can assemble practical formations that fit individual needs - COMPILE should reflect and accommodate to the life it is a part of.”

For more info you can visit the Muuto website - all new pieces are available from October. We can't wait to see that sofa for real - very curious!