weekend escapes - vipp shelter

vipp-shelter-aprilandmay-1 vipp-shelter-aprilandmay-2 vipp-shelter-aprilandmay-3 vipp-shelter-aprilandmay-4 vipp-shelter-aprilandmay-5 Now summer is finally here, we like to share some thoughts about weekend escapes, starting with the amazing Vipp shelter we visited earlier this year in Sweden.

Thinking about it, working 24/7 with our mobiles close by, don't want to miss a thing, what will be better then turning everything off and give yourself a break.

When we were invited by Vipp to visit the Vipp shelter to see and feel it in real life we were so excited! They made as they call it, 'a plug and play getaway, that allows you to escape the urban chaos in a 55m2 all-inclusive nature retreat'. Well, that's something we wanted to see for ourselves. So with a small group of inspiring people we went from the Vipp HQ on a little roadtrip to Sweden, where we went into the woods, near a big lake and we found the shelter.  And was it the perfect getaway? Yes.

The shelter is a 100% Vipp home, everything you see is designed by Morten Bo Jensen, everything is well thought of, everything is right. As Morten joined us at the trip, he could answer all our questions - a Q&A about the shelter is here to read.

We loved visiting this inspiring home.. so now we can only dream about a getaway like this...

All images by April and May - more info about the shelter and the shelter movie on the Vipp website




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