it's all in the details


It's the small things that count...Currently we are staying in our in between home before we move into our new home. The complete renovation process took a bit longer then expected so we had to look for another home to stay in and I must admit we really have found a perfect place. Moving twice was never really something that I wished for but when you have to you better get the best out of it. I have been packing stuff for months so I could organize it the best way possible and also had the chance to clean and sort out everything in our old home.

When looking for a rental place we first wanted something that was already furnished so we didn't had to move furniture twice. Things went a bit different and the place we found was not furnished so we had to move a part of our furniture with us. I really can say that I am happy we did because the place now feels more like our home with our furniture pieces in it. When packing I created a box especially for some small items to decorate the place more and give it that final touch. I also did some shopping already for the new home and took some of these things with me.

The Lovebirds from Kay Bojesen have been on my wishlist for a long time and have found a great spot in our in between home. The wooden birds make a perfect combination with the concrete and brass detail on this JWDA Concrete lamp from Menu and the green background from outside. I also really like this cubist wall shelf that can be used in many different ways. Hang it on the wall to store and display (daily) items or put it on a table as a piece for your favorite little plant(s) and objects. The metal frame gives it a clean yet industrial look.

In a few weeks we will finally move into our new home where I will find a new nice spot for these items :)

xo Jantine

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