hofmann copenhagen

hofmann-copenhagen-aw16-1 hofmann-copenhagen-aw16-2 hofmann-copenhagen-aw16-3 hofmann-copenhagen-aw16-4 hofmann-copenhagen-aw16-5 hofmann-copenhagen-aw16-6 hofmann-copenhagen-aw16-7 Recently we got introduced to the beautiful clothing of Hofmann Copenhagen.

Hofmann Copenhagen was founded by designer Heidi Hofmann. with an extensive, diverse experience in the fashion industry, she turned Hofmann Copenhagen into a sophisticated brand. Fresh and chic, with a timeless style.

“I really want to give women fashionable designer clothes in the best fabrics at reasonable prices. The starting point of my designs is that the clothes should refine the wearer while giving room for individual expression. Easy and beautiful." Heidi Hofmann

Their new AW16 collection will be available soon - until then, there is sale :)