thisispaper flagship store warsaw

thisispaper-wirkus 01 thisispaper-wirkus 02 thisispaper-wirkus 03 thisispaper-wirkus 04 thisispaper-wirkus 05 Thisispaper is a Warsaw-based design studio established in 2011. They work as graphic designers, art directors, retail designers, print publishers, product designers and event planners, where they create great ideas! Now, they have opened a flagship store, next to their studio.

About the flagship store:

"The simple and quiet interior came out of transformation of the dental clinic of the soviet era to the Thisispaper Shop and Studio where you can buy Thisispaper products, polish books and taste high quality Japanese tea.

The Shop is located just next to the studio with the characteristic grey entrance and windows open onto the street. The transparent resin floor gives the space a raw feeling whereas, in the contrast, the birch plywood not only warms up the interior but also gently helps keeping the gadgets for tea tasting. The birch finishing cleverly uses the space under window sills just to store the products.

The main element of the interior is the lyv regal extending over the entire back wall. It’s been designed and made in collaboration with TYLKO thanks to their application. Consi- sting of three shelves, it’s all clamped together without any additional fixing. Undeniably the regal is the dominant part of the interior but giving the fact it’s finished with white plywood, it simply perfectly blends into the space."

Design: Thisispaper Studio Photographer: Maja Wirkus