northern lighting

Snowball_Metallic_Large-northern-lighting_Chris_TonnesenClient: Northern Lighting Styling: Per Olav Sølvberg Photo: Chris TonnesenDrift_single-High_res_Photo-Chris-TonnesenClient: Northern LightingStyling: Per Olav SølvbergPhoto: Chris TonnesenFyr_Grey_bath-High_res_Photo-Chris_TonnesenFyr_Grey_bath-close-northern-lighting-Chris_Tonnesen Northern Lighting, a Scandinavian brand which makes the most beautiful lighting, made some inspiring new images. Together with photographer Chris Tonnesen and stylist Per Olav Solvberg they created a calm and a bit industrial atmosphere in Berlin.

In this case, I think it is so great to see, when you put light in a different setting, what it does to the lighting pieces. Instead of being classic, they become minimal and clean. It shows that these pieces will fit in any interior.

More info on the lighting you'll find on the Northern Lighting website.