IKEA bathroom styling

IKEA-bathroom-styling-aprilandmay-1 IKEA-bathroom-styling-aprilandmay-2 IKEA-bathroom-styling-aprilandmay-3 IKEA-bathroom-styling-aprilandmay-4 IKEA-bathroom-styling-aprilandmay-5 IKEA-bathroom-styling-aprilandmay-6 IKEA-bathroom-styling-aprilandmay-7 IKEA-bathroom-styling-aprilandmay-8 We teamed up with IKEA so from now one we will show you every month some styling ideas. We'll start with the bathroom.

In the pictures above we show you how to style your bathroom in naturel shades and how to style your bathroom with black items. And the difference - so easy to apply!

You don't need that many items to change the look and feel of your bathroom, with just a few items you have a whole different atmosphere. All accessories and furniture are by IKEA.

So we are curious, which look do you prefer?

Oh and on the IKEA website you'll find our favorite items from VIKTIGT!