form collection


Lyngy Porcelæn comes with new items, to honor the old art department, the Form collection.

'Back in the day Lyngby Porcelæn had a separate arts department, known to have some of the most skilled and talented porcelain painters. Their aim was to master the difficult craft of blending the softer colour hues on porcelain – a common characteristic for the most popular pieces in the genre at the time. The arts department used their incredible hand painting techniques to paint beautiful landscapes and detailed floral or animal motifs on everything from vases and platters to coffee cups and ashtrays. All the items used as canvases in the arts department, known as arts porcelain, were made of high quality porcelain and came in numerous shapes and sizes. The different shapes were all known for their sturdiness and elegant and simplistic design – something that fits the design language of our modern age very well. '

So now, Lyngby Porcelæn is bringing back the most popular shapes in a new glass serie called ‘Form’ – Danish for shape. All the designs have the same shape as back then and still hold the same original shape number that could be found in the 1969 catalogue.

More on this and their other products you'll find on their website.