art prints with plants

MOOIWATPLANTENDOEN-600MOOIWATPLANTENDOEN-601MOOIWATPLANTENDOEN-501MOOIWATPLANTENDOEN-602MOOIWATPLANTENDOEN-502 This week we received some amazing plants with beautiful colors and shapes. Of course, they will fit our interior perfectly, but we also loved to do a little extra with them.

By creating images of these tropical beauties and paying extra attention to their stunning flowers, we discovered some amazing art prints in them. So, we printed them, on extra thick paper, and used them as art decoration in our homes.

On the first 3 images you see the Anigozanthos - or Kangaroo Paw. A pretty dark green/purple plant which you may know as a cut flower but also work as a plant

The 4th image is the amazing Medinilla Magnifica. With amazing flowers. Don't overwater them- they will not like it.

The last images is a detail of the Glorious Gloriosa plant, a real big tropical piece, which will definitely be an eyecatcher in your home.


If you want to find out more about these tropical plants, visit the Mooiwatplantendoen website ( only in Dutch ) for the English version visit Thejoyofplants website