rosier10 antwerp

MAIN A5 MAIN A6 MAIN B1 MAIN B3 MATIN 1 MATIN 2 MIDI 5 A few weeks ago, we were searching for a hotel or b&b in Antwerp, since we were having a photoshoot in Belgium. We discovered Rosier10, and decided to stay in this bed&breakfast.

The bed&breakfast is located in a quit street and all the 4 rooms have a warm and homey feel. We stayed in 'Le Midi', a bright room with high ceilings.

After a great sleep, those mattresses are perfect(!),  we had a wonderful breakfast, with everything you want to have in the morning. Good coffee, fresh bread, healthy juices.. We were ready to start a long day and we even got some goodies to bring on the road.

So, if you are looking for a b&b in Antwerp - this is a must visit!