paddle collection ferm living

paddle-collection-ferm-living-1 paddle-collection-ferm-living-2 paddle-collection-ferm-living-3 paddle-collection-ferm-living-4 The Paddle collection is an exclusive collaboration between designer Rikke Jo Tholstrup and ferm Living. It's a serie of decorative wooden paddles with knit covers, inspired by patterns and sculptures from the Indigenous art of North America.

The pieces are handmade in Denmark, being produced in a 1950s knitwear factory.

“We are very happy about the pieces Rikke has created for us. Just like us, she is concerned with craftsmanship and creativity which has been breeding ground for a good, creative collaboration”, explains Trine Andersen, designer and founder of ferm LIVING.

“I think that the Paddle People are decorative, so it’s really how you fit it into your space”, Rikke says. “The paddles are textural, so I envision them in a room with other art pieces, like prints framed on the wall. They’ll add something physical to that kind of space that I think will look incredible. Once you understand the process of designing and creating the paddles, there’s also an aspect of craftsmanship that makes them not only decorative but also narrative - as with every great addition to your home, there’s a story to be told.”

We love to see decorative pieces like these, which really can upgrade a space. We definitely can imagine them in a big hallway or spacious living room.

The collection will be sold exclusively on the ferm LIVING website from the 4th of April.