motumo linen clothing

motumo-linen-1 motumo-linen-2 motumo-linen-3 motumo-linen-4 motumo-linen-5 Ok, this morning I found another great brand, Motumo linen, on Etsy which makes me very excited! I think linen dresses, blouses and jumpsuits are perfect for upcoming season.

We already showed you before the cloting from Not perfect linen and now the cloting of Motumo, which is a perfect addition as well.

'With the cityscape in the background there walks a woman, confident and free from constraint - contemplating feelings that her linen dress suggests.

The fabric that touches her body tells her about those days when a man and nature worked hand in hand. It comforts her passing by chaotic, homogeneous everyday scenes.' 

And that's all we want this summer right? Great comfortable dresses which gives you the power to handle it all :) In their shop you'll find the most beautiful pieces - which one is your favorite?