helen levi studio

helen-levi-nicole-franzen-1 helen-levi-nicole-franzen-2 helen-levi-nicole-franzen-3 helen-levi-nicole-franzen-4 helen-levi-nicole-franzen-5 We love to show the images, taken by  the great photographer Nicole Franzen, of the studio of Helen Levi.

I'm pretty sure, one of the best ways of being in peace with yourself, is to work with your hands. If it is either gardening, painting, cooking or making beautiful ceramics, working with your hands and taking the time (!) to do so, gives you such a relax and calming feel. And in a world full of computers, internet and non-stop information ( do we sound old now? ), I think it's not such a bad idea to make that time and do such things.

And, if you're not into pottery, you can do it the easy way, by getting yourself some beautiful ceramics and taking 5 minutes extra for your cup of coffee or tea.

Enjoy :)