opening costes store alkmaar

Foto 05-03-16 11 38 12costes POS A6 For you who know us a little bit better - we are real Alkmaar city girls. Beside Copenhagen - but hay , who can beat Copenhagen? - Alkmaar is our favorite city. And now, our city meets one of our favorite fashion brands. Alkmaar meets Costes!

This Friday Costes will open a brand new store in Alkmaar. We will providing the store of some beautiful prints from our shop and... we will select our favorite pieces and will provide them of a special tag. Shop our style!

Curious to the new store and the items that we have selected? And will you come and meet us this Friday in Alkmaar?

For all our readers: if you bring this blogpost to the Costes store in Alkmaar,  you will receive a 20% (!!) discount on their new collection. This discount is available until the 1st of April. Not available in combination with giftcard and FB voucher.

We hope to meet you there! And if you come early: the first visitor will receive a 20€ gift card! For more information: check the Costes FB page